Reboot #Mozilla and the mobile web

Christian Sejersen från Mozilla i Danmark pratade om hur Mozilla tänker när det gäller den mobila webben och hur browsern kan komma att bli centrum i det digitala livet.

Nedan mina anteckningar från sessionen.

Mozilla at stage. 40% contributed by non-employees. Importance that keeping the community. Testing community more than 20k. 72 languages – 71 of them localized by volunteers.

Mozilla want to promote choice and innovation on the Internet. Showing the Mozilla Labs: Weave, Ubiquity, Personas, Snowl, Bespin, Jetpack.

Browserwars – so much competition right now. Opera though is a very small player. The biggest problem is IE that IE6 still is there. Mozilla likes the new IE though.

And when going mobile there is even more fragmented looking at browsers – 30 different browser. How to do anything at the mobile web.

Mozilla want to integrate mobile into one unified, open, innovative web.

Almost everything that is out is webbased. The browser is becoming the webapp. Mozilla don’t fragment anymore – everything that is put into the desktopapp going into the mobileapp. The codebase should be the same.

Add-ons is important and Mozilla is working to develop as much app-ins at the mobile platform. 163k+ addons for the desktop app.

Problem on the mobile side is that Apple, Blackberry, Palm and Android don’t allow native apps.

Work: works with IRC a lot, a Mozilla Wiki and such. The mobile side is less focused and works with much creativity.

Open vs close. Mozilla talk a lot about open but it’s not clear what open really mean: at the mobile space there are little open platforms. The idea is that if you have a browser that can run on all platforms then the web become the platform rather than the OS. Another problem is distribution – the store platforms is closed.

“A closed platforms works if you have an open ecosystem”