Reboot #Open Space, Open Community, Open Data

Reboot 11Mark Kuznicki on Social Web, Social Change and the Return of Community

Just nu den session som kändes direkt överförbar på det jag hade i huvudet, och faktiskt mycket matnyttig då jag jobbar en del med open space-projekt och fr a hur man ska kunna på ett innovativt och smart sätt koppla ihop open space-event med sociala medier och få det att bli fruktbart och långsiktigt hållbart.

Nedan är mina nedklottrade liveblogganteckningar:

Social web is about people – the everyday superhero. What is your WTF?-moment?
We are a world in crisis: change from the industrial age to the complex reality of network society. And of course the problem of scarcity of the world.

Burning man is alive because of the tribes: who is your tribe? Self-governing and crowdsourcing. The interesting idea is when community online is meeting physical places.

Open Creative Communities: anyone shares and interact. open w/o artificial barriers and creative.
An example: Toronto Transit Camp – to solve problems. That worked since the GEs understood that it was not a yelling box but a place where everyone was participants.

Of course the Obama thing. ”Where’s my Barack Obama?” – transformational leader understand the community and the social age. Working with Changecamp – how to re-imagine government & citizenship in the age of participation.

Peter Block: The web didn’t create community but how do we restore community that was in decline of the industry-age.
”perhaps the real task of leadership is to confront people with their freedom”

Build social fabric, strong associational life, citizens use power to convene others

Small group the unit for transformation

Community is a conversation.

How to create spaces for playing: and changing the reality and the person.

Structure to use community as a ”tool”:

What is the question: open space + social media + open data/open access to answer it.

Think the long tail of public policy (se bild) – to get people to meet: professionals with pro-ams, with ordinary people and so on. There is the collective intelligence – it’s the mix and remix of thinking and action.

What’s the future of Futurecamp-thinking. September 2010: 100 Changecamp events. 1 mil citizens would be aware and involved. That is 1/30 of the population.

The basequestion: How do we increase the possibility of individuals and communities to take action?