Reboot #David Weinberger

David Weinberger på scen – from cyberutopianism to activism.

David Weinberger är en cyberutopist

Tre termer: cyberutopianism, exceptionalism och technodeterminism.

The web is exceptional. Länkar är den ny typen av interpunktion. Det kopplar ihop olika meningar: age of information was the idea of let go of information and filter and control. The age of links is the opposite: to work and invite to more information. Links is pointers that transport us to everywhere. Links creates a new way of availability – they create a semantic way: one of them. They tell who we are. Links is an act of generosity. Links is reshaping knowledge.

Jämför Brittannica delar om filosofi – 180 sidor med Wikipediaartikeln har 9000 ord men gigantiska mängder länkar. Links make manifest and accessible the shared world.

Technology can’t be moral – only moral agents can be moral but we do need to be able to talk about the morality of things. Is the web moral? Moral principles vs moral consequenses. A couple of examples both where the principles (imperatives) and the consequences (utilitarianism) don’t work. Then moral intuitionism. Last he faces in the moral sympathy theorem. That is the interest in a shared world.

The web and the morality (moral sympathy) are the same. But it doesn’t happening by itself: rejoicing the multitude of voices vs a big structure of echo chambers. There is an unsolved question. The web is exceptional in that extent that it’s not even possible to compare to something else – there’s no baseline to do it.

The openness is never enough and therefore the question of the multitude/echochamber is not interesting. Formula: cyberutopianist+exceptionalism-technodeterminism=activism

What it all comes down to is hope. A deep hope which leads to activism.

Liberating to hope.

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