Reposting SIME: From a distant view (Kista)

Jag hade turen att få vara inbäddad bloggare på årets SIME-konferens. Ödet ville dock att jag skulle lyckas dubbelboka mig på dag 1 vilket gjorde att jag helt enkelt fick ta igen det på dag 2. Jag återpostar mina bloggpostningar här som tidigare postats på Simes blogg.

I had to work Day 1 on Sime. Work with some civil services and their social media presence. And from time to time follow #sime12. When reading what has been tweeted I somehow feel that there are still many visionary and meta-strategies that are told.

I think one of the key questions to ask is: are we still in need to sell the social? Maybe there are still people that renounce the social but I think they are fast becoming a minority.

But what is needed is help to make the step from the traditional way of information-making, the print-thinking where your marketing work starts and ends in very well defined ways.

Digital isn’t new and revolutionary in itself but the big change in both marketing thinking and consumer behavior is.
What is great content? What are social brands? How can we start to add value to the consumer besides the product? What does the revolution of media consumption mean?

The digital is downhill of the bell curve; we are hitting mainstream real hard but we have to define the ingredients better. Technology was the answer on the why, social on what but we know need to explore the how.

I hope we find new answers tomorrow.