Reboot #Röster genom barriärerna

JP Rangaswami – Walking the talk (confusedofcalcutta.com).

Helt ärligt. Ingen jag pratat med vet egentligen vad JP ville säga – vad själva röda tråden var. Baksidan var också att det var direkt efter lunch vilket gjorde många trötta och lite loja. Så om någon har lite mer stringenta anteckningar och idéer om vad han ville ha sagt – skriv gärna om det i kommentarerna.

How to make talk active?

Talk have become asynchronous in a digital world. But also become syncronized via the possibilities of realtime. There is a risk in seeing analogue and digital reality as two different and dichotomous way. There is a relationsship, by using digital tools to extend the analogue meeting.

One of the values of creating action without geographic and timely barriers but also the cultural barriers: voices is brought together.

The new communication is searchable, distributed and other ways to retrieve communication.

We are moving to a world were we can increase the number of people we can relate to because of the cost of sustaining the relationsship is diminishing because we can have access to much more information and memories of people through archives on the net.